Friday, October 7, 2011

A Kid-Friendly Cupcake

I was spending a lot of time making fancy smancy cupcakes for creative types (see Lavender and Rose Water posts), so I really needed to make a kid-friendly cupcake. I'd seen this cupcake other places but thought it looked high maintenance ... but what the heck ... I thought I'd give it a shot.

I started off by taking some mini marshmallows and a freshly washed pair of scissors. I cut each marshmallow diagonally so that it made two little pointed petal looking things.

When it appeared as if I had enough marshmallows cut, I took a cupcake, slapped a generous amount of white buttercream on it, and then got to work putting on the petals before the buttercream dried.

Because the marshmallows were cut open, the inside cut edge was sticky. I dipped the sticky side in some pink sugar ...

...and then stuck the flat end on the cupcake. The buttercream held it on nicely. I continued sticking the pink petals on the cupcake ... going round and round ... until the cupcake was full.

I used a white almond cupcake for my marshmallow flower, but any kind of cupcake will work. 

The kitchen had been full of lavender and rose water cupcakes ... which, in my opinion, turned out gorgeous ... but my 12 year old son said, upon seeing the marshmallow flower cupcake ... 

"That's beautiful Mom!" 

He, of course, got to sample the first one. After taking a bite, his comment was ... 

"This is good! I never get cupcakes like this!" 

I will definitely make these again. They weren't as high maintenance as I had thought they'd be.

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