Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Today my parents and my in-laws came for Thanksgiving. It was a nice dinner for the eight of us. To get ready for the big meal, I made pumpkin pie cupcakes, dinner rolls from scratch, and a birthday cake. Yes ... today is my birthday so I made myself a cake.
I really considered putting "Happy 23rd Birthday" on the cake ... and then hiding a "+20" somewhere else on the cake. Really though, I'm not ashamed of my age. As I tell my son, I make 43 look good. :)

Six or seven years ago I decided to try my hand at dinner rolls from scratch. It went so well that it has become my thing for holidays. I actually considered just buying some rolls this year, but then my mother-in-law asked if I was going to make MY rolls. So of course I had to. It's a good thing I get the day before Thanksgiving off work ... I spent the whole day in the kitchen ... and loved every minute of it.

For my cake, I made an 8 inch square chocolate cake with my favorite chocolate cake recipe. I filled and covered it with my son's favorite chocolate fudge icing. I couldn't decide how to decorate it though. I thought about putting a big turkey on it, but then I decided to try to make it pretty. I had some left over vanilla buttercream in various colors from my groovy cupcakes, so I decided to make Fall leaves. I really like the look of brushed embroidery, so it was decided.

The cake was very yummy. Everyone was stuffed, but we forced it down anyway. It was a pretty good day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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