Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Truffle Cupcakes

I think these look like truffles ... so I'm calling them truffle cupcakes.

My friend, Leesa, called me up one night and asked if I would make cupcakes for her son's 8th birthday. He wanted some cool cupcakes to take to school for his class. How could I say no? After a family discussion ... and a check with the teacher to make sure there wasn't a peanut allergy problem in the class ... Alexander decided on chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Yippee! I like all of those!

I made all the cupcakes on Sunday, wrapped them up tight in plastic wrap, and got them in the fridge. When I got home from work on Monday, I broke out my Christmas apron and got to work making the frostings. 

On a side note, I have really got to change out of my school clothes before I hit the kitchen. By the end of the night, I realized that I was still wearing my skirt and boots ... and boy were my feet aching.

So ... I got all the frostings made. The vanilla buttercream I make is really sweet and delicious. It's my go to buttercream. Sometimes I flavor it differently (lemon, almond, mint), but it's always really yummy. The chocolate buttercream I make is a favorite of son #1. If I have some in the fridge that I'm planning on using for another project, I have to make sure I tell him to keep out. He puts it in a bowl and eats it like ice cream. The peanut butter buttercream is my absolute favorite. It's like a little piece of heaven. It's very creamy and delicious.

I filled each of the cupcakes and then put a nice swirl on top. When I was all done, I thought they looked nice, but they were missing something. So I got out a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a bag of white chocolate chips and melted them down. I then drizzled the vanilla icing and peanut butter icing with the semi-sweet chocolate and the chocolate icing with the white chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm...

I always make a few extra for the obligatory photo op ... and then the boys get to eat them. They really hate that they have to eat the extras. ;)

Today Leesa told me that Alexander was thrilled with the cupcakes. His expression after trying one ... "Mom! There's frosting inside!" 

Honestly, I think the frosting is what makes them so yummy ... that and all the chocolate. 

Mmmmmm ... chocolate ...

So I leave you with a few extra photos of these lovely cupcakes.

Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla with Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate with Peanut Butter Buttercream

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