Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aunt Donna's ... I mean ... Julia's Rum Cake

Every year right before Christmas my Aunt Donna makes rum cake. I'm not sure how many she makes, but she gives them away to friends and relatives. My mother is the recipient of one of these cakes. It only makes sense ... they are sisters after all. On rare occasions, I've been lucky enough to get a piece of my mother's rum cake. She loves it, so she keeps it for herself. I think my Aunt Donna has even sent her rum cake to my sister and brother at different times. I, however, have never been the recipient of one of her delicious cakes. :(

Two years ago, I set out to figure out Aunt Donna's rum cake recipe. It was really a trial and error process. There was one that we still refer to as the "egg cake." The family was nice and all tried a piece, but I think I ended up throwing it away. My mother then let me in on a little secret. She told me that she thought Aunt Donna put pudding in the cake. That's all I needed to know.


Now I don't need to wait for the rum cake that never I make my own.

Craig says it's delicious ... and perfect ... and not for sharing. I wanted to put a rum drizzle on top, but the boys cut into it before I got that far ... And do you know what? ... It didn't need the drizzle.

This recipe I'm not sharing ... you're all on your own. All I'm going to say is that it's delicious and I'm no longer calling it Aunt Donna's Rum Cake. It is now going to be known as Julia's Rum Cake. Maybe next year I'll make some as gifts for friends ... maybe ...

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