Sunday, March 11, 2012


My friend Holly has three daughters. Being a mother of two boys, I can't even imagine having three girls. While I'm busy carting my boys to baseball practice and track meets, Holly is busy running her girls to dance competitions. That is such a foreign world to me.

Today, Holly's oldest daughter is having her 11th birthday party and she asked me to make cupcakes for the event. Katie's favorite colors are lime green and blue, and she really likes cows. So, of course, I needed to make cow cupcakes.

Holly requested a vanilla cupcake, so I made my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe, which can be found here, and my favorite vanilla buttercream. The tricky part was the cows. Here's how I made them.

I started off with some marshmallow fondant that I had left over from my latest zebra cake. I rolled out the white, and using a round cookie cutter, cut out 30 white disks.

Next, I used a 1M tip to cut out pink disks for the cows' noses. The bottom of a small paint brush was the perfect size to make little nostril indentions. I then cut out cow spots from my black fondant.

I used my fondant letter cutters for some of the spots and for the ears. I used the letter "I" for the ears and the letter "K" for some of the spots. For the big spots, I just tried to cut random shapes. I'm really not good with random ... I have a degree in mathematics - I'm always looking for a pattern ... so the spots really took longer than they needed to. After "glueing" all the parts down,  I used a black food writer to make the eyes. I think the cows look very friendly.

When it came time to assemble these little cuties, I loaded a piping bag fit with a grass tip up with "lime green" frosting. It looked lime green in the piping bag, but not so much on the cupcake.

Cows graze in grass ... right? So covering the cupcakes with "grass" seemed like the right idea.

While the icing was still wet, I carefully placed a cow disk on the top.

To complete the look, I piped a "K" for Katie on top of the non-face cupcakes.

Katie's response to the cupcakes ... "Those are the coolest things ever!"

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!

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